Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tattoos of Flowers - For Both Men and Women

    Tattoos of Flowers
    Tattoos of Flowers

    Hawaiian Flower Tattoo
    Hawaiian Flower Tattoo
    The majority of individuals both men and women love "flower tattoos". There are certainly a few men out there that may not consider a flower tattoo as a design, but there are some that do. Besides what is there not to like about a flower tattoo? Flowers are beautiful and very pretty, flowers can symbolize many things in life.
    Lily Tattoos
    Lily Tattoo

    Feet Tattoos Foot Tattoo Flowers
    Foot Flower Tattoo
    People who love flower tattoos commonly have a spiritual bond with nature. They are not only aware of the beauty that surrounds them but can also see that simple things can lead to happiness just as well. Sometimes you just have to open your eyes to realize, the pleasures of life you been searching for all this time, has always surrounded you.
    Waves and Flowers Lower Back Tattoo
    Waves and Flowers Tattoo

    Designs of flowers as tattoo
    Designs of flowers as tattoo
    If you want to express love or something significant in your life flower tattoos can represent these things. Although mostly women get tattoos of flowers, a few men has found the design very meaningful as well. Tattoos of a flower are not set to be tattooed by only one gender, it is a gift from mother earth, a beautiful natural ornament, that is to be shared by both men and women.

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