Thursday, July 15, 2010

    We like to give. It warms even the darkest corners of our hearts.

    So, when TWBA (big Ad Agency in South Africa) approached us and asked if we could help, we jumped at the chance to donate our time and material.

    Addington Childrens Hospital in Durban was opened in 1933. Unfortunately due to a lack of funding and upkeep, it closed it's doors in 1984. For the past 26years the building has been neglected and abandoned and only home to squatters and vagrants.

    But The Department of Health has risen to the challenge and has taken on the task of re-opening this building. With the help of some sponsors and R200 million, in about 2 years we hope to see Addington Childrens Hospital once again used to care for and treat the kids of Kwazulu Natal.
    Expand a Sign sponsored hundreds of metres of fabric for the launch. This was to be wrapped around the building like a giant bandage. We also printed vinyl band-aids with each sponsor’s logo. The perimeter boards were covered in latex-printed bright children’s drawings and old black and white archive photos of the hospital.

    We endured 2hrs of speeches this morning, but understood that Expand a Sign’s contributions were a small piece in the puzzle of helping a bigger cause. The Health Minister of Kwazulu Natal and Deputy Mayor of Durban were present (the Deputy Mayor sang a Whitney Houston song... very cringe-worthy listening to off-key ‘The Children are our fuuutuuure’) and my boss hovered around the biscuit table when he wasn't watching the pilots practising their fancy formations for this weekend’s air show.

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