Wednesday, July 28, 2010
    Get your business On The Board!

    I must be honest; I really know very little about horse racing. All that I do understand is that I never win. When I bet on a horse, it inevitably turns into a 3 legged mange donkey once it leaves the starting gates. I also know that I always seem to be under dressed when I attend a race - even the jockeys sparkle in their satin ensembles. 

    Yet something still awakens in me each year, come July. Unmatched as Africa's greatest sporting and social event, Greyville Racecourse in Durban will once again attract more than 50 000 of the country's most dazzling, dashing and downright delicious for the R3 million Vodacom Durban July Horse racing Event on 31st July 2010.

    As they have for more than 100 years, the best of the continent's thoroughbreds will come together for the 2 200m clash from which one will emerge to join the esteemed that have dominated in Africa's greatest race. It is an eerie moment as all else pauses for just over two minutes whilst the 20 horses sprint around the course, the drum of their thundering hooves smothered by the roar of the frenzied crowd. As they flash across the line, a new champion will be declared as winner of the Vodacom Durban July. 

    The track and arena are fully dressed in the sponsors’ branding. From gazebos and parasol umbrellas to endless banners that wrap around the circumference of the track. Seen as one of the hottest events on the social calendar, the after party is always Durban’s ultimate party experience. Whether drowning your sorrows at your poor luck or throwing your winnings around in boozy bliss, the vibe itself is intoxicating.
    I have already designed my peacock-feather-inspired outfit for this weekend. I will also cleverly be placing small bets on each and every horse, just so that I can declare that I won. (I’m cunning, eh?!)
    I hope the odds are on me!

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