Wednesday, July 7, 2010
    Brand yourself back to Business!

    The flags are frayed. The stick-on tattoos have peeled away. The 2010 Soccer World Cup is winding down. With only 3 matches remaining, most of us are wondering what we will do with ourselves after July 11th. Where to from here? Take up a new hobby? Buy a soccer net for the back garden and re-enact all the great goals (or at least try!)? Purchase the Xbox or Playstation Soccer games and continue living the dream?

    Whether Netherlands, Germany or Spain are declared victorious, my heart has swollen with pride for my own country and it really doesn't matter who wins. And as soon as my sleep patterns return to normal and my eardrums heal from the vuvuzela-induced damage, I will get my head back into my work. Many businesses have been in limbo over the past month, but now is the time to inject some life into your company. Re-invent, re-juvinate and re-fresh your branding. Allow the great vibe and hype that has surrounded this incredible sporting event to inspire you and your organisation. 

    Branding has become crucial for advertising your business or services. Standing out from the crowd is vital these days. As the leaders in portable instant advertising products, Expand a Sign is continually working on improving our existing products and designs using lighter, stronger components and advanced printing technology to meet your branding needs. 
    Our wide range of banners, a-frames, gazebos and other branding products are portable, durable and quick to assemble and can be used for indoor advertising displays and trade show displays as well as outdoor advertising.

    Expand a Sign ships to 48 countries, which means that whichever corner of the globe you are, we can help to brand your business and put you firmly on the map.

    Germany are playing Spain this evening, to see who will fight it out in the Soccer World Cup Final Match on Sunday. I'm so stressed; will it be frankfurter or chorizo for dinner?

    EAS team.
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