Thursday, July 29, 2010
    Let's not get Carried Away!

    The Expand a Sign Product Development, Research and Destruction Team (think Mythbusters, but without the facial hair) were on a mission. We needed to test our Ex-Dome gazebo and Ex-Shade parasol umbrella against the harshest of weather conditions; extreme wind!

    Every product requires slight modifications and adaptations in order to develop the strongest, most durable item possible. And we were pretty confident that our Ex-Dome and Ex-Shade could withstand the best that Mother Nature could give us.

    After negotiations with Nasa Aeronautics and the top International Tornado Specialists (no, not really), we deduced that wind tunnels and turbines were not for us - we wanted to feel the icy grip of the sea winds and to taste the salty blasting gales. The bursts and gusts of the offshore air currents allow for the most accurate natural scenario possible.

    Our Ex-Dome gazebo superseded expectations. This 3m x 3.3m beast fared exceptionally well once we had it pegged down. With wind speed picking up to 20knots, the frame's gentle swaying was almost a disappointment for those of us who were expecting demolition and carnage.

    View Ex-Dome Video

    Next to be put to the ultimate test was the Ex-Shade parasol umbrella. We set 2 up, side by side. The umbrella to the left was an older model and the one to the right, the latest version.

    We were amazed that such slight, almost insignificant alterations to the frame have provided some really convincing results. Although we were setting up in absurdly strong wind, the new product stood firmer than the older model. Eventually, the older umbrella succumbed to the elements and a spoke popped out of it's spigot. This is easily fixed, but meant that our experiment was over. 

    View Ex-Shade Video 

    With salty lips, wayward hair and a sense of satisfaction, we piled up the car and headed back to base camp. 

    As always, we must advise that you use your grey matter when setting up any of our products in adverse weather conditions. Common sense is the best method in order to avoid damage to your products and yourself.

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