Tuesday, July 20, 2010
    A really Fair Way to brand!

    The 139th British Open Championship was held this past weekend, with 27 year old Louis Oosthuizen winning the title by a massive 7 shots. And with millions of people watching each pitch and putt from their living rooms, the big brand names were definitely on display. 

    Expand a Sign also supplied branding at a golf event this weekend. We branded a hole where we set up an Ex-Dome gazebo, 2 Medium Flying Banners and a whopping big Ex-Up wind up banner. All of which was easily transported in one car.

    The Ex-Dome opens up to 3m x 3.3m but folds away to fit snugly in a medium-sized vehicle. 'The boss' and myself set up the products with ease. Within 15 minutes, we had not only erected our display but also the 2 Flying Banners for the clubhouse entrance and 2 Ex-Roll Banner Stands to be used at the reception area (with no huffing, puffing or cursing!).  Expand a Sign even provided 18 Pin flags and tee-discs for the golf day. 

    We went the whole hog here but we can also help you brand your golf day quickly, professionally and inexpensively. Use one or two well-placed banners or brand the whole course! What's more, you can re-use the banners and branding material year after year and from one event to another. 

    So, get in the swing of things and brand your business. Don't be left with a handicap - get seen and stand out from the crowd!

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