Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hand Tattoos

    Array of terrific hand tattoos.
    Hoot owl with hope hand tattoo.
    Engine with wings hand tattoo.
    Red skull hand tattoo.
    Spider-man cartoon web fingers hand hand tattoo.
    Single star hand tattoo.
    Lotus flower with flames hand tattoo.
    Tribal hand tattoos.
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Forearm Tattoos

    Collection of amazing forearm tattoos.
    Forearm tattoo of roses.
    Tribal tattoo on forearm.
    Black panther forearm tattoo.
    Seven stars tattooed on forearm.
    Dagger tattoo on forearm.
    Large tribal tattoo on forearm.
    Dragon tattoo on forearm.
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Foot Tattoos

    Beautiful picture gallery of foot tattoos.
    Matching foot tattoos.
    Flower foot tattoo.
    Colorful foot and ankle flower tattoos.
    Small stars foot tattoo.
    Flower vine foot tattoo.
    Butterfly foot tattoo.
    Large flower foot tattoo artwork.
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The Foot Tattoo and Its Popularity

    There are great differences among tattoos in today's world, which is why they represent a great way by which to express your individuality. You are in control of deciding what kind of tattoo you want and where on your body you want to display it. This means that what may be the best one for you, may not suit other people at all. But don't despair if you are still not entirely certain just what part of your body you want to have a tattoo on. You may consider a foot tattoo. These kinds of tattoos are very popular these days.

    Here are some things to consider:

    Tattoo sessions on the foot tend to be more painful, as a rule. The reason is due to the fact that the skin is close to the bone. And the closer the bone is to the skin, the more painful a tattoo will be. Tattoos on the foot, though, will be smaller, so you won't have to put up with the pain for long.

    Foot tattoos are also more easily concealed than any other kinds. If you hope to have a professional job some day, concealment might come in handy, since in professional jobs tattoos are usually not in. So your ability to conceal a foot tattoo is a good thing.

    But you should be aware of the fact that during the healing process you can't enclose your tattooed foot in a shoe, so open shoes are in order. The healing time for a tattoo is usually 2 to 3 weeks. If you can't avoid wearing shoes, then keep in mind that you must have 2 pairs of light socks on.

    Did you know that a foot tattoo is considered sexy? There are many opinions about the types of tattoos that look good on people. The thing about foot tattoos is that even people who don't as a rule like tattoos, seem to like them on the foot.

    Foot tattoos are likely to need touching up from time to time. The reason for this is due to extra exposure to conditions less favorable than on other parts of your body. A foot tattoo may also spread and end up looking blurry.

    Star designs or words or even flowers are popular foot tattoos. But there is no reason why you can't engage your tattoo artist to help you create something really different. If you do want a larger and more complex tattoo than those in the ordinary runs of the mill, keep in mind that these will be more painful and more expensive, too.Source URL:
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Tribal Tattoo Designs For The Foot, Shoulder And Back

    There seems to be an explosion in the popularity of tribal tattoos. Specifically, shoulder and back tribal pieces. Everywhere you look, from celebrity to Average Joe, someone has got a beautiful, striking tribal tattoo on their shoulder. Or they have the the tribal tattoo that goes from one shoulder, across the back, and down the other shoulder. Why are they fast becoming the most popular tattoo? How do you choose the best tribal tattoo design for you? Do a little research. Check out tribal tattoo designs in your culture or heritage. You are sure to get tons of ideas. I did a little research on tribal tattoos, and I now have a few theories as to the popularity surge. Probably the most important of all of these theories is that tribal shoulder tattoos look so cool!

    Tribal tattoos were used in different cultures to delineate between the tribes. They were also used to distinguish between classes or rank within the tribe. Everyone in the tribe had some form of the tattoo. In most cultures, the tattoos were given in a ceremonial way, to celebrate the passage from childhood to adulthood.

    It is widely believed that the Polynesian culture brought us our most popular tribal tattoos. The Samoans, the Maori, the Hawaiians. The most detailed of these are the Maori. These tattoos are intricate and curvilinear in nature. They are based on the spiral which give them such powerful movement within the design. The design begins in the center and radiates out, forming beautiful curves that are filled with pattern. The tribal tattoos were carved into the skin and rubbed with ash. Maori tattoos were placed on the face, back, chest, and arms. The more important you were, the more tattooing you had.

    The traditional Samoan tattoo consists of very detailed geometric patterns. Traditionally, they cover a man from his waist to his knees. Woman have the same tattooing, but it is not as detailed or dense. A more modern Hawaiian Tattoo is the shoulder tattoo. Images are rich with geometric design.

    The Celts and Danes tattooed their family crest on themselves. The ancient Egyptians tattooed themselves as a form of adornment.

    In Japan, woman that were of age and getting married were tattooed. If a woman was not properly tattooed, she was thought to have committed a sin and was sentenced to death. (Yikes!)

    The Christians tattooed Jesus Fish on themselves. The Native American Indians tattooed animals and images that linked them to a tribe. The ancient Mexico, the Aztecs tattooed images of their slain enemies.

    So, each culture seems to have some form of tattooing in their ancient history. Does our love affair with tribal tattoos have roots in our wanting to belong? Is it pride in our heritage? Is it our personal passage into adulthood? I think it is all of the above. A little bit of heritage, a little culture, a feeling of inclusion. There is nothing like a powerful, beautiful shoulder tattoo that is meaningful to you.

    Whatever your reason, tribal tattoos are really intricate in nature, and powerful in design. Find the right one and you will be happy with it forever. Don't spend enough time looking and tweaking the design, and you will be very unhappy. Tribal tattoos are generally large and most have a lot of black. Difficult to cover over, and difficult to remove. Think hard, do your research, find an excellent tattoo artist, and you will be all set. Peace always.Source URL:
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Surfboard Designs Graffiti Graphics Illustration

Surfboard Designs Graffiti Graphics Illustration

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Face Tattoos

    Picture collection of crazy face tattoos.
    Mike Tyson tribal face tattoo.
    Man with complete face tattoo.
    Skull face tattoo.
    Colorful face tattoo.
    Superhero face tattoo.
    Dozens of tiny stars facial tattoo.
    Tribal half face tattoo.
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Chest Tattoos

    Beautiful pictures of chest tattoos.
    Nautical stars chest tattoo.
    Heart and roses chest tattoo.
    Birds and snake chest tattoo.
    Cross and birds chest tattoo.
    Dragon flower and flames chest tattoo.
    Queen of pain chest tattoo.
    Love and hate with eagle chest tattoo.
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Butt Tattoos

    Checkout these wicked cool pictures of butt tattoos.
    Best friend butt tattoo.
    Double cheek butt tattoo.
    Seven dwarfs butt tattoo.
    Daddy butt tattoo.
    Pacman butt tattoo.
    Cupid butt tattoo.
    Dog paw butt tattoo.
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Arm Tattoos

    Picture gallery of arm tattoos.
    Stars and flames arm tattoo.
    Large tribal arm tattoo.
    Sonic the hedgehog arm tattoo.
    Insider muscle arm tattoo.
    Colorful arm tattoo.
    Complex tribal arm tattoo.
    Candle skull tribute arm tattoo.
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