Friday, April 23, 2010

tattoo tips and tricks4

    Tattoo Tips and Tricks 4

    Did you know that Body Piercing and Body Tattoo are not only a fashion? Why do many people choose to have body piercing and tattoos? Are they not threatened by the danger the pierces and tattoos can bring forth their health? Popularity of these body arts must not only be the stimulus that prompts many to try these body modifications as well. The royalty and the courage that body piercing and tattoos are associated with, also had influenced the Egyptian Pharaohs to pierce their navels as a rite of passage, the Roman soldiers show their manhood through pierced nipples, Mayas show their spiritual rituals through pierced tongues, Victorians pierced their nipples and or genitals and other people do other body markings for other rites aside from fashion purposes. Out of being a spiritual rite, a number of natives do avail any piercing and tattooing on their body parts. Because, these have been practiced for centuries, they are hard to be refuted in aspects that involve sanitation of the materials used. Either for the sake of fashion or rites, the persons who want to have body tattoos or piercing must be forewarned of the effects these would do unto their body instead of just blindly following the norms or the fashion of the contemporary times.Source URL:
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