Thursday, April 22, 2010
    Earth Day?!

    It's 6am. The orange embers of a rising sun guide me in the direction of where I am meant to be going , as I drive to work. The familiar voice of the lady reading the radio news bulletin is informing me that today, the 22nd April, is Earth Day.

    Earth Day?! Whattheheck? Perhaps I've been living under an unrecycled, man-made rock but this is the first mention of an Earth Day to me. So what's the deal? Am I expected to be still for one day, meditate beneath a sleepy willow tree and contemplate my personal carbon footprint and the effect that my messy little toxic body is having on the planet?

    As soon as I turn the computer on at my desk, I navigate my way to and read up on this Earth Day Network. Mention of climate policies, renewable energy and sustainable resources stir an eagerness in my belly to take action against the demise of our beloved Earth.

    But I'm just a mere speck amongst the 6.697billion ( I looked it up!) of us who inhabit this great round rock. So what can I do to make a difference? I know the basics. Like, don't throw my chocolate wrapper out of the window as I'm whizzing along in my (non hybrid) car. Thankfully, I work at a company who pride themselves on being Eco Friendly. Expand a Sign is a global manufacturer who complies with strict waste disposal guidelines. We implement clean production technologies and are constantly recycling our cardboard boxes, as well as turning our waste fabric and off-cuts into school bags and raincoats for underpriviledged children.

    That's a great start. Now I'm totally inspired. Less plastic - more paper! Less car fumes - commute!  Organic - healthier and eco-friendly!

    My new mission is to make recycling sexy... wish me luck!

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