Tuesday, April 20, 2010
    The skies may be empty, but your branding should still be Flying High!

    With air travel halted, the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland has proven to be a real pain in the ash. The beast Eyjafjallajokull ( I dare you to try pronounce that one.) spewing her dust clouds across the skies has resulted in the shutting down of many of Europe and Britains' air spaces. 

    With that amount of soot and smog lingering in the atmosphere, one would assume that there could be a lasting detrimental effect. Will our precious Ozone Layers' already-gigantic hole begin eroding at an even faster rate? Will ashen acid rain fall to earth and destroy our land? As extreme as this may sound, keeping ones' carbon footprint to a minimum is becoming more important than ever - what with the likes of ol' Volatile Volcano doing us no favours. Fortunately, Expand a Sign has gone Green and has made changes to keep our planet clean!

    Every company, business and service provider requires branding. Standing out from the crowd with indoor and outdoor advertising really does attract attention, and provides a highly visible sales opportunity. A nasty ash cloud? No problem! With our advanced printing technology, we are able to print bright, vibrant and bold graphics; perfect for being noticed in even the dullest, most dreary weather conditions. 

    Freak snow storm? Not an issue! Our Flying Banners have withstood the harsh Arctic climate, the Sahara Desert and even Hurricane Katrina. 

    Check out this video to see for yourself how robust our banners really are!

     There really is never a reason not the let your brand soar!

    The EAS team.
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