Monday, April 26, 2010

     Branding the Brave.

    If you're anything like me, where the simple act of channel surfing on the TV remote control can cause a strain injury, then the thought of splashing through an expanse of open water, followed by a bottom-numbing bicycle ride and then a final torturous road run, is bound to cause some degree of terror.

    And yet masses of adrenaline-seeking, fitness fanatics thrive on this as a hobby and some sort of self-fulfilment; from the sponsored professional who participates for a piece of the prize money to your average Joe, who just wants to try reach a personal goal. 'Ironman' is a long distance triathlon event combining the world's three most popular sports disciplines a 3.8km swim, 180km cycle rounded off with a full marathon run of 42.195km.

    Ironman started in 1978 in Hawaii when some grass skirt-wearing,  tiki torch-holding athletes discussed who was the fittest athlete - the swimmer, the biker or the runner. The decision was easy: The first one finishing a combination of these three should be called an Ironman.   
    Today, there are 20 Ironman labelled events worldwide, each of them giving qualifying spots for the Ironman World Championship taking place in October - in Hawaii.

    Spec-Savers Ironman South Africa started in 2004.The inaugural race was a Half-Ironman, and since 2005 the race in Port Elizabeth became a full distance race. Expand a Sign has been a proud sponsor of Ironman since the first days in South Africa. For the last 6 years Expand a Sign has branded the beach, roadside, finish line and hospitality areas with Flying Banners, Folding A-Frames, Ex-Discs, Gazebos and Fence Banners. We have also provided branding for Ironman Montecarlo. Expand a Sign specialises in indoor and outdoor branding solutions and being able to partner with Ironman was a perfect fit for our products.

    I must admit, though - after writing this article, I am actually slightly inspired to don my speedo and burn some kgs. I'm still not sold on the tarmac-trodding, nor the bike seat thigh-burning. Give me time.Source URL:
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