Thursday, September 2, 2010
    Work on your tan while we work on your branding.

    With Summer winding down in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring making it's warm entrance in the Southern half of the globe, now is the ideal time to get out in the sun and lap up some Vitamin D.  

    Get the ol' lime green mankini from the cupboard, lather on some Factor 40 and head for the beach.

    From sponsored surf and music festivals to seaside cafe's and restaurants, branding can be seen wherever beachgoers are. 
    Carlsberg placed 3 Expand a Sign Flying Banners in one of the most popular beach clubs of an island off the coast of Istanbul, Turkey. These banners have not been taken down for the last 2 months, in full sun exposure. There is no sign of fading and they are still looking good. Quality does matter.
    Joe Cools Restaurant's top deck overlooks the beautiful North Beach in Durban, South Africa. We supplied them with branded Castle Lager Ex-Shade parasols. Not only do they entice customers to enjoy an ice-cold beer, but also provide cover from the elements.The Ex-Shade parasols are great, as you can replace the fabric or 'skin' to update your branding or marketing message.
    Bored of lounging around on your deck chair? Why not get the blood pumping and take up volleyball? (Perhaps replace the mankini for this activity. Wedgies are no fun!) Expand a Sign's Folding A-Frames are ideal for beach activities. The pop-up mechanism means that there is no risk of injury. These branding products are lightweight and quick to assemble, offering instant visibility and convenience. 
     We've already blown up our inflatable tubes and are ready to hit the beach, so cheers for now.
    EAS Team.

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