Thursday, September 16, 2010
    A steamy 37'c mid afternoon, yesterday saw me cruising down the town's main road with my window down, arm out, and Justin Bieber on the radio squealing about being so teeny tiny.

    Being the law-abiding driver that I am, I halted at a pedestrian stopping and allowed the on-foot masses to sluggishly amble past me in the extreme heat. But like lemmings to a seaside cliff, they all appeared to be headed in the same direction. As my gaze followed them, I noticed a roadside fast food franchise was dispensing softserve ice cream cones at an astonishing pace. Arms everywhere, money exchanging hands at lightening speed, it looked more like a horserace tote or the stock exchange than a take away joint.

    Beside the entrance stood 4 Medium double-sided Flying Banners. For a chicken-aholic or anyone in desperate need of something to quench their thirst, the banners were certainly eye-catching enough to advertise the establishment's presence.

    Although we do provide a range of suitable mounting options, I chuckled as I noticed the old tyre being recycled and used as a weight. I certainly couldn't fault their efforts.

    I might have sped off and left the banners behind me, but still can't seem to curb the craving for chicken wings. Go figure.

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