Tuesday, September 14, 2010
    Picture the scene:

    You overslept this morning, traffic is at gridlock, and you are late for a company event.

    You could choose to dither in your poor time-management skills, the fact that you insisted on watching CSI until 1am, and the beer intake that took place simultaneously. Or, and this is the advisable option, you could be grateful that your destination (should you reach it) is an idyllic Golf Resort, where you will be setting up and hosting a hole at a charity golf day. Soaking up the sun, salty air, and your sand wedge.

    When you reach the resort, luck is on your side. You effortlessly empty the contents of your car into a golf cart and meander down the path toward your sponsored hole. There are two scantily clad promotional ladies awaiting your arrival who happily remove the contents of the golf cart and help to set up  the Ex-Dome gazebo, 2 Large Flying Banners and an XL Ex-Up Wind-Up Banner. Fully branded in 10 minutes! Who says blondes aren't clever?

    In your urgency, you might have left your mobile phone at home but you remembered to bring the extras; a tablecloth, tee-disc and pin flag.

    Your spot is looking great. The guy next to you looks bleakly at his tatty parasol and then enviously gazes over at your branding. You smile, wave and holler to him, 

    "Three words, buddy. Expand a Sign."

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