Tuesday, September 7, 2010

    Some believe there is little in life more thrilling than 80 minutes of weaving your way through a horde of opponents at full sprint, landing that penalty from an almost impossible position in almost impossible circumstances, or leading a stampede to bring down a powerful player.
    Some of us, unfortunately, have the hand eye co-ordination of a blind amputee and are limited to merely watching the fine game of Rugby instead of playing it. 
    But we have still been able to get involved.

    Over the past 5 years, as a sponsor and branding partner, Expand a Sign has forged strong ties with the London Irish Rugby Club, the team, and the supporters. We've provided the club with a wide range of banners and branding products for the endorsement of the brand, the club and the other sponsors.

    On match day, Small, Medium, Large and even the XLarge Flying Banners display the lavish colours of the club. The hospitality area is peppered with Ex-T BannerStands and the stadium mega store also is adorned with the stunning display of 1.5m wide Ex-Rolls BannerStands.

    Off the back of the relationship, Expand a Sign has enjoyed developing new relationships and business with virtually all of the other Premiership Rugby Clubs as well as many other associated events and bodies, including the Middlesex 7’s Competition, the Bournemouth 7 competition  as well as the RFU, England’s governing body over rugby and rugby development.

    The overriding story with all of these premium clients is that they choose to purchase and endorse Expand a Sign products due to the impeccable service, support and quality that we offer.

    However, it does have its downside. The waistlines of many of our Expand a Sign supporting staff have suffered, particularly in the pre season training for the formation drinking and social activities squad. 

    Remember - New Zealand are playing Australia this weekend, in the final of the Southern Hemisphere's Tri Nations. We'll be anxiously watching the All Blacks’ Haka and the Wallabies run onto the field for the last time in this tournament.

    EAS Team.

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