Tuesday, August 3, 2010

    At Expand a Sign, we're all about using the environment to your benefit.

    From branding the walls of buildings, staircases and fences to street poles and pavements; we know how to make the most of both the man-made and natural landscape.

    Generally, every main road has a street lamp. Whether in a bustling town, a University campus or along the beachfront, lamp posts and street poles are ideal for outdoor signage.

    Boulevard Banners are great for branding main roads, shopping districts, business parks and exhibition centres. Located above eye level, they stand out from afar. We just supplied these Boulevard Banners for the 2010 BC Summer Games in Vancouver, Canada. These brightly designed branding products could be seen throughout the township of Langley.

    Flying and Feather Banners are also really effective advertising banners when used on lamp posts. This shopping mall has made maximum use of its light posts and fence for branding and have been loyal customers for 4 years, purchasing over 300 Banner skins (fabrics only). How is that for added value and great recycling - keep your hardware and change your marketing message or promotion whenever you like!
    The Ex-Disc is the best way to give your brand 360° impact and combines the practicality of the Boulevard Banner with the movement of the Flying Banner. This clever design allows the disc to feather out of the wind and the double-sided print shows off your brand from any direction. The innovative clasps are adaptable, attaching to any size pole - from 50 to 300mm.

    We're not all destined for a future in pole dancing, but pole branding is certainly unique and distinctive, without taking up floor space. We have a a wide range of outdoor branding products and mounting options so give us a call to put your brand firmly on the map!

    The EAS Team.

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