Tuesday, August 24, 2010
    Combining innovation with ease.

    Organising an event can be a time-consuming and sometimes stressful undertaking. So being able to effortlessly brand your golf day or sponsored occasion is crucial. The red dot award winning Ex-Up banners wind up quickly and easily.They have the weight advantage of a pop-up A-frame banner combined with the great shape of a traditional rigid A-frame banner.

    Ex-Ups are compact, lightweight and portable so they can be moved from one location or branding opportunity to another.The printed fabric or skin is removable and can be unclipped to insert new branding or to update your marketing message.

    Dumesani is our security guard at Expand a Sign, Durban. Although he stands 6ft tall, we're afraid that his co-ordination leaves a lot to be desired.

    Which makes him a perfect candidate for testing our Extra Large Ex-Up.The XL is the latest in the Ex-Up range and pushes the boundaries; one product, no loose parts, and opens up to 1.4m x 2.5m! Dumesani sets it up each day, no matter the weather conditions. (view this video of our tester Ex-Up in strong winds) He pegs it into the ground and cranks it down 9hrs later.

    Ex-Ups can also be used indoors. The Ex-Up Tower has 3 panels, making it eye-catching from any angle. Both the Ex-Up A-Frames and Towers are now available in Medium, Large and Extra Large.

    The EAS Team

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