Tuesday, August 17, 2010
    How one handles fear is an excellent indicator of one’s temperament and attitude.

    Although we work hard at Expand a Sign, we also understand that keeping a fun and lively vibe within the company is essential in maintaining a motivated and inspired crew.

    So in a teambuilding effort, the Expand a Sign big boss held a competition asking people to submit their names for the chance to ride on the Moses Mabhida Stadium Big Swing. 

    It looks completely terrifying, but at least 20 thrill seekers put their names in a hat. Last week, the lucky individual's name was drawn – Bruce Bollay from the Art Studio.

    Meet Bruce.

    28 years old. Talented graphic designer. Father to a 4year old son. Recently married to his long-time love.
    i.e. Not great if his stadium swing proves fatal.

    The afternoon of the big jump arrives and we bustle off to the stadium to witness his leap of bravery. Lots of chat and laughter in the car by everyone... except 1 x very quiet Bruce Bollay. At the base of the stadium's 120metre arch, even the boss' 6yr old son's 'The pig went to the doctor for oinkment and the bird for tweetment' jokes didn't catch a laugh from the harnessed-up, pale-looking guy whose usual broad smile and jovial ways seemed to have subsided a little. By now, I was wondering if this was such a good idea. It seemed almost cruel to subject this poor bloke to such free-falling fear. 

    We bid farewell and good luck to Bruce and settled at the seats within the Moses Mabhida stadium, which has recently been host to some exciting Soccer World Cup matches. Binoculars, video cameras and fancy camera lenses are tested (can you say Japanese tourists?!) whilst we sit and wait for the 5 would-be dare devils to reach their jumping point. First, a lady takes her leap. We watch in silence as she sways into the great vacancy inside the stadium. And then another. And another. C'mon Bruce - where are you? Finally, always the gentlemen, Bruce is the last madman person to step forward to soar on nothing but a bungee cord. 

    He timidly navigates his way toward the jumping point....we watch him get into position...we hear '3.2.1.Step Off.'..and nothing. Once again, we witness Bruce bracing himself for his fall. And once again, nothing. But on the third attempt, he flies through the air and loud shouts and howls of delight are heard emanating from this tiny creature on the end of a rope. 

    He is slowly winched back up to the top of the arch staircase and begins his descent. When we meet up with Bruce on solid ground, his eyes look wild, his grin is wide and he is relaying his experience at super speed. 

    I'm not entirely sure as to the moral of this story. Perhaps, 'If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space.'

    EAS Adrenaline Junkies.

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