Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Japanese Dragon Tattoos

    Japanese Dragon Tattoos
    Japanese Dragon Tattoos
    Japanese Dragon Tattoos
    Dragons in oriental art do not have wings nor do they necessarily breathe fire, although flames erupt from their limbs. They are not creatures of earth, but rather combine elements of the air and water, equally at home in the ocean or the clouds. Although strength and power are represented, the dragon above all is a reconciliation of opposites, a combination of yin and yang.

    Also unlike the western dragon, the Oriental dragon is not a cunningly malevolent beast. Instead it is strength combined with wisdom and is benevolent. Like other Japanese tattoos, the choice of a dragon is sometimes an aspiration to these same qualities of wholeness and wisdom. It is one of the more popular Japanese style tattoos and they are depicted with great variety in terms of body position, degree of hostility in aggressive or passive position of the claws and jaws, and in their environment.

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