Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dragon Tattoos for woman

    Dragon Tattoos for woman

    Dragon Tattoos,Dragon Tattoos for woman
    What does a Dragon Tattoo Represents on a Woman?

    1." A dragon tattoo on a woman would represent a fiery hot disposition. Being independent and intelligent she needs no man. She is the female version of the male dragon but she is far more ruthless, cunning, sly, and devious. If a man tries to handle her, well pity him, she will crucify him. She is well-educated and articulate. Beware the female dragon!" Wes Horn

    2. "A dragon tattoo on a women to me represents her strength, loyalty, and protectiveness. Especially if she has a family she feels strongly about. Female dragons are know to be very protective of their nests. So on a woman these would be her symbol of her inner strength, to warn all do not mess with what is important to her". Jessica.
    Dragon Tattoos,Dragon Tattoos for woman
    3. " I think a dragon tattoo on a woman represents, when provoked she will become fierce (by showing how angry and pissed off she can get); in other words, be afraid, be very afraid. Depending how the woman gets provoked, she will get physcial (in a destructive way). I also believe a dragon tattoo represents how a woman can be direct in a way to where she speaks her mind and always tell it like it is (even though it may hurt someone's feelings). One last thing, I also believe the dragon tattoo represents that a woman is not afraid to be herself, no matter what other people think about her. And she doesn't let all the comments and everything else that may have been said about her, get her down. It takes a strong woman to be comfortable with herself, and not care what other people think.
    That's what I think what a dragon tattoo represents on a woman". Genoveva Duran
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