Monday, September 22, 2008

Henna Tattoo design Photo

    Henna Tattoo design
    What is Henna Tattoo ?
    Mehendi (also known as Mehndi) is an ancient Indian Body Art. Intricate ethnic or contemporary designs and exotic patterns are applied using Henna to various parts of the body (traditionally applied to the hands and feet of women) to prepare them for special ceremonies.
    Henna Tattoo
    A large design will take normally 30 to 45 minutes. Small designs 15 to 30 minutes. Some very large designs can take hours. Henna Tattoos work by staining the epidermis (upper layer of your skin) and they gets darker over the next two days and then gradually fades away as your body regenerates it's epidermis.
    Henna Tattoo
    Henna Tattoo
    Thus traditional Henna Tattoo take time to develop and reach their best color 12-48 hours after application, depending on skin type. So if you want your Henna Tattoo for going out on Friday Night, you might need to apply it on Wednesday.
    Henna Tattoo
    Henna Tattoo
    With our Temporary Henna Tattoo decal, you can enjoy this art easily, quickly and efficiently.
    Henna Tattoo
    Easy To Apply :
    — Cut the individual design (no fix rule, just require your creativity).
    — Place Tattoo on your clean and dry skin face down.
    — Apply water on backing paper of tattoo.
    — Press down for 30 seconds and then slide the paper, and,
    Voila, you are all set to show off your new tattoo !
    Henna Tattoo
    The temporary henna tattoo is easily removed with soap and water or simply wipe it off with any cold cream or nail polish... Thus you can change the tattoo design to wear at any time. !
    Henna Tattoo
    Please take note :
    Even though this item is non-toxic, if you have sensitive
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