Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cross Tattoo Designs: That s fantastic

    Cross Tattoo Designs: That's fantastic
    Cross tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, designs, colours and styles. Below are the four main types of cross tattoo designs requested today.

    Christian Cross Tattoos

    The most common symbol of Christianity representing Jesus as a martyr when he was crucified, the Christian cross is one of the most popular designs available today. The Latin pattern can be viewed upon as a "safe choice" for first timers as the cross design is not as detailed.
    Cross Tattoo

    Celtic Cross Tattoos

    The Celtic cross is one of the most attractive available today, with Celtic knots and spiral designs adorn well to the inside of the cross. Keeping with their Irish heritage, Celtic crosses are usually kept black and green.

    Celtic Cross Tattoos

    Gothic Cross Tattoos

    Gothic cross tattoos emulate the German style of heavily ornate pieces of fashionable wrought iron. Associated with Medieval, Victorian and Edwardian history, gothic crosses symbolise feelings of depression, pain and anger. Dark and disturbing imagery can often spring to mind when looking at a gothic cross but, to many, they appeal.

    Tribal Cross Tattoos
    Tribal Cross Tattoos
    Tribal tattoos
    are probably the most popular design styles requested today. Their cool and visually appealing patterns are sexy, stylish and sought after by many, from ordinary tattoo enthusiasts to celebrities like rapper Busta Rhymes and wrestler The Rock. Tribal tattoos can contain stories and meanings when drawn properly by their Samoan founders.

    Cross Tattoos

    This culture is often overlooked as tribal designs have become diluated and adapted to symbols such as the cross. The tribal cross tattoo design has become increasingly popular with those who love tribal patterns but want a cross. Bringing the two together can create a beautiful tattoo
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