Friday, October 22, 2010
    With recent controversy surrounding sports men and women being seriously injured on the field by advertising boards and banners, the Expand a Sign Health and Safety Department (no, we don’t actually have such a task force) decided to put one of the latest members of the branding team to the test. The Ex-Up banner is unique in that it winds open and closed effortlessly, has no loose parts, and has replaceable fabric ‘skins’. I can’t lie, we love this advertising gem. With 3 sizes available, and the option of vertical or horizontal branding, I can understand why the Ex-Up won an award at the 2009 Red Dot Design Awards in Germany.

    Meet Wade.
    32 years old.   
    Loves his kid.
    Surfing enthusiast, enjoys burning rubber on a dirt bike, and I suspect that he has a particular penchant for damage and demolition.

    With an Extra Large Ex-Up banner in tow, Wade and his posse of wannabe stuntmen made their way to the ‘testing zone.’ Located in the outskirts of Hillcrest in South Africa, Crestholme is an area with a noticably quiet, slower pace of life.

    Until now.

    Wade’s mission, should he choose to accept it, would be to ramp into the air and land onto an Ex-Up banner. With his Yamaha YZ 250, Wade was amped. Psyched. Rearing to go. But would the Ex-Up banner prove too strong for our Evel Knievel daredevil? Would this leap of bravery result in severe pain and suffering? 
    By now, a small group of children had gathered to witness the stunt. Dubbed ‘the pit crew’, they were captivated by the events surrounding them.

    As Wade turned on the ignition, opened the throttle and accelerated into 3rd gear, the crowd all gasped in unison. When he flew into the air and connected with the Ex-Up, a dubious ‘crunch’ sound was heard by all. On closer inspection of the banner’s frame, a diagnosis of ‘fractured rod’ was made. But our Motorbike Man was in one piece, and the banner was repaired in less than 5 minutes, and at a cost of less than $2 US.

    Next, we hope to find someone willing to skateboard over an Ex-Up. We’ll let you know how it goes!
    Team EAS.
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