Tuesday, October 12, 2010
    Where'd I lose my core?

    Over the past few years, the mentality of 'why run when you can drive?' has unfortunately prevailed in my life. The teenage metabolism has slowed, and office work and feeble physical exertion has resulted in a body shape to be ashamed of.

    So I recently decided to embark on something new. The 90s catch phrases of yoga, tai chi and kickboxing have always made my (untoned) skin crawl. But now was, excuse the pun, crunch time! I persuaded a friend to join me in my quest for bodily perfection, and signed up for private pilates classes. What's the worst that can happen from rolling around on a giant rubber ball twice a week, I naively asked myself. And so, I ambled into my introduction class to pilates. 

    I was terrified, I can't lie. The 26 year old blonde, svelte Reese Witherspoon lookalike personal trainer gave me the creeps. She could probably touch her earlobe with her ankle. A not-so-short survey on my medical health resulted in, 'Okay, we'll take this slow!' from Legally Blonde Reese. Great relief; I won't be folding myself into a human pretzel today.

    Surprisingly, the next 55minutes seemed to go by very quickly. No torture. No abuse. The only disaster was when I very nearly passed wind whilst channelling my inner 'abdominal power house' and was expected to bring my knees to my chest. 

    When leaving the class, I shuffled outside and toward my car. As I sluggishly moved to open the front door, Walk The Line Reese must have noticed the car decals displayed and hollered, 'Oooh you do those groovy banners. I need banners!' 

    I may have lost the feeling in my right leg indefinitely, but at least this pilates studio is going to have some great branding products!

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