Friday, May 14, 2010

Tongue Tattoo

    the tongue tattoo and tongue piercings, to be honest I am fascinated in people in general, they are just so damn weird, " yeah and yer normal, yeah rite", but anyone that gets a tongue tattoo has my total respect as I cry like a baby wen I burn my lil tongue on something hot.

    Tongue TattooTongue Tattoo pictures

    Anyways as I am sure all you Einsteins have worked out that today I am bringing you 12 jawdropping tongue tattoo photos, they had to be jawdropping so the tongue cud fall out for ya to see. I have also thrown in a lil video of tongue tattoos at the very end just in case you are actually thinking of getting a tongue tattoo. Right I am off to eat my ham baps, I loves a good pair of baps, enjoy the tongue tattoo photos.

    Tongue Tattoos
    Tongue Tattoo 1
    Tongue Tattoo 2
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