Monday, August 4, 2008

Tattoo Machine MDY-B10/12

    Tattoo Machine MDY-B10/12

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    ID Tattoo offers a board range of products designed to the execution of the tattoo art specifically: Tattoo professional Machines low carbon iron and 316LVM steel, tattoo loose & welded needles, tattoo Grips made from 316 L stainless steel and syntetic material autoclavable, tattoo tips & tubes any size; Shaders, Diamonds, Rounds, tattoo equipment; Tattoo machine parts for repairs, tattoo machine coils, Power Supply, Foot Switch, Body Jewelry, 316 LVM surgical steel G4 ELI surgical titanium, PVD and titanium; Tattoo Studio accessories and cleaning equipment. Dynasty was designed under the concept "Duality" combining elements between the past and the future from China's history and futuristic basic frames. This machine is created for all purpose its flexibility offers a wide range of setups provides to the artist a great line or shader work. Made from cold rolled steel dark bluing iron finished with 10 or 12-wrap coils cover with plastic material in high relief special designs. Dynasty results in a mix of fineness and precision.

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