Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dragon tattoos Gallery

    Dragon tattoos
    Dragon tattoos come in many different shapes, styles and sizes, but they all have certain things in common. First of all, consider the dragon image – this is a mythological creature that is both fearsome and beautiful, and is the subject of folklore around the world.
    Dragon tattoos Gallery
    What kind of person would be attracted to this motif, enough to get a dragon art tattoo? Chances are it will be someone who has an interest in mythology or fantasy – and who is committed to it enough to make it a permanent part of their body art.
    Dragon tattoos Gallery
    You may think of Dungeons and Dragons player, but that’s just the beginning. Dragon tattoos are a common Goth tattoo image and may also be popular among people who have an interest in the art and symbols or the Middle Ages.
    Dragon tattoos Gallery
    Dragon Tattoo
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