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Types of Body Art

    Types of Body Art

    Body arts denote the adornment of the body keeping with the latest fashion trends. They are generally done for the beautification of a part of the body. There are many types of body art, but the few that are considered popular as body art today are:

    • Permanent Tattoo
    • Body Painting
    • Body Piercing
    • Scaring

    Types of body art 1 - Permanent Tattoo
    When we hear the term body art, tattoos are the first thing that generally comes to the mind. Tattoo, which used to be considered as something that is made for bikers and sailors, have now become a major fashion statement for people of every age group. It has achieved special popularity in the global teen community. Both men and women are sporting tattoos these days and you get to see all types of tattoos you can imagine.

    Permanent tattoos are made by injecting a pigment also known as tattoo ink into the skin right in between the permanent bottom layer and the surface, which is constantly dying off. The pigment is injected inside the upper skin layer with the help of a bunch of small needles. The procedure of tattooing is very painful, and there are many who need local anesthesia on the tattooing couch before starting this body art procedure.

    Types of body art 2 - Body Painting
    For those people who like tattoos but don’t want any permanent body art mark can go for the body painting. It is also known as temporary tattoo. It is very simple, one can get it done with simple paint and brush or can opt for a much paid airbrush artwork which is done with waterproof colors. This color fades off with the time. In fact it hardly lasts for a week or two. Henna painting is another option for temporary body art. It is a traditional Indian form of body painting. Henna is basically a dye that can last for several days on your skin.

    Types of body art 3 - Body Piercing
    Body piercing is another ancient form of body art. It has remained popular over the ages. Nowadays body piercing has turned into a major trend. Many young men and women have pierced their lips, tongues, eyebrows, nipples and navels. Of course, ear piercing is still the most prevalent choice. These days both men and women pierce their ears though it is more popular among women.

    Types of body art 4 - Scarring
    Scarring is a form of scary body art. In this form of art, specific wounds are created on the skin by cutting or using a hot metal shape to burn a permanent mark on the skin. When the wounds dry up they leave a raised mark on the skin. This hot metal burn technique is also known as branding.

    All the mentioned types of body art can definitely give you a different look or identity, but except body painting all the other types of body art are very painful and can cause infection in the affected area. Proper care need to taken before getting body art done.

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