Friday, November 26, 2010
    Most of us hold fond memories of Christmas. Some people enjoy the stereotyped scene of snowflakes, holly and carols being sung whilst others bask in the long, warm days with the familiar scent of suntan lotion lingering in the air. 

    But there’s one dude who’s not so thrilled anymore about Christmas. Ol’ Santa himself. A combination of a belated midlife crisis (He didn't cope too well upon realisation that he's been around since the mid 1600's), in conjunction with Mrs. Claus’ alleged affair with a workshop elf, had taken Saint Nicholas over the edge. After a chronic eggnog binging session, which resulted in an FUI (Flying under the influence) and the suspension of his sleigh, Santa was in despair. But when he sank into overeating depression, gained a few lbs and got stuck inside a chimney, he knew it was time for change.

    So, like many high profile celebrities, Santa was sent to a remote and undisclosed location. Call it rehab, call it an escape; he just needed to get away. And the seaside city of Durban, on the East Coast of South Africa was just the perfect place. So with Rudolph and the reindeers in the kennel, Father Christmas packed his big black sack and bid farewell to the North Pole.

    With his Expand a Sign chariot ferrying him around, Santa has really been enjoying his vacation in Africa. A welcomed break from the perpetual snow that he was so familiar with, has seen him socialise at restaurants and shopping centres, visit the Moses Mabhida Soccer Stadium and attend the KPMG Business Relay.

    But in order for Kris Kringle to truly enjoy the experience, and to recover, we feel that he needs to explore each and every aspect of the area. 

    So, where would you take him? Let us know here.


    *Santa is an Ex-T shaped Banner stand.
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