Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    2 Days until kick off!

    Expand a Sign has branded the masses.  We've helped companies, both big and small, to show themselves to the world for the next month. All eyes will be on us so why not give them something to look at. We've covered the nation in flags and banners. We are feeling it; it is HERE!

    The Greeks training camp is located 15km north of Durban, 'the boss' informs me. I have already purchased my camping gear and intend on squatting at a nearby location until July 11th, when the tournament ends. A friend of mine has inside knowledge regarding the Italian team and which gym they will be working out at. She has stated that she will be doing little else apart from intense athlete ogling for the next 31days. The gym towel will apparently only be used for mopping up her drool.

    Expand a Sign has been World Cup mad since November 2009, when our first orders started coming in. MTN, an official sponsor, then purchased a large amount of  Feather Banners, Ex-Dome gazebos and Folding A-Frames. A few enormous SA Soccer shirt banners have also made their way through our factory. South Africa is known for its festive, multi-cultural vibe and are encouraging tourists to visit informal taverns or shabeens. Old Brown Sherry and Castle Milk Stout have both purchased large numbers of Ex-Dome gazebos which will be set up at these taverns during the matches, handing out sherry to warm up the fans ( It really does get quite cold in Africa!) and milk stout to quench their thirst.

    Coca Cola are another official sponsor of the 2010 Soccer World Cup and have opened up fan parks throughout the country, where people can sit on a bean bag with an ice-cold coke (it gets pretty warm too, here in SA!) and watch the games on the giant TV screen, in the company of both locals and tourists. Expand a Sign has provided hundreds of metres of branding to be used at these fan parks. 

    Large malls and casinos have placed Ex-Discs on their parking lot lightposts, with country flags displayed on each. A unique product with great eye-catching appeal. From hardware stores to pet shops, Expand aSign flags are everywhere! Bunting is also strewn along at restaurants, shopping centres and offices. 

     BP (should I be mentioning them?!) and Shell petrol companies have purchased Feather Banners for the forecourt at each of their gas stations. 

    I have ticked off my checklist of must-haves for the next month. Christiano Ronaldo on my arm is the final box that needs filling. I'm going for it... sure hope I score!


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