Thursday, January 28, 2010
    On 2 December 2009 the iconic World Cup trophy arrived in Cape Town in time for the World Cup Draw after travelling through 86 countries over 225 days. It covered an incredible distance of 134,017 kilometres… more than three times the circumference of the earth!

    But what of the branding opportunities along the way?

    One of the key steps to making an event a success is to ensure that the event ‘oozes’ your brand and Coca-Cola are masters at this. For example, when the trophy got to Tanzania, Coke and FIFA hosted another one of its massive concerts to get fans together create some World Cup hype. In Tanzania, as in many parts of Africa, things can get really hot! Coke wanted to maximise its branding opportunities while at the same time handle the practical requirements such as creating much needed shade.

    This is where we came in.

    Expand a Sign is an international industry leader in portable branding equipment and our products are ideal for quick and easy set up. Our world class quality showed off the eye catching Coke branding and equally importantly, created loads of much need shade. Through our African agent we supplied 150 parasols and 40 Ex-Dome gazebos. We also made sure that the Coca-Cola name was flying high on 100 A-frames, 100 flags, 50 teardrop shaped Flying Banners and 50 Pull-up Banners.

    That’s our speciality; helping brands stand out from the crowd!

    What next for all of this equipment?
    Following the event, the equipment was sent out to different regions to other Coca-Cola offices. Because most of these Expand a Sign products can be ‘reskinned’ i.e. you can replace the old branding with new by slipping off the old fabric/skin - they can be re-used for new campaigns and even other brands. Now that is good value!

    Buy right the first time, buy Expand a Sign.

    So if you would like to discuss branding opportunities, please contact Expand a Sign at or call 0860 744 688 and a representative will contact you to see how we can help you Expand Your Brand! To view our website and our full product listing visit where something you didn’t think you were looking for, might just catch your eye!

    With the World Cup now only a couple of months away we hope you have your tickets and are getting into the spirit of things by wearing your Bafana Bafana shirt in support of our boys.

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